About Us

All facilitators of the TUF: Thriving Under Fire programme have had extensive training in group work, action methods and counselling or psychotherapy. They have all had other training in other professions as well which means they bring a wide range of skills and wisdom to the work so that your staff get the very best training in interpersonal communication.

John Faisandier

John is the developer of TUF: Thriving Under Fire Programme and is a workshop facilitator.

Bev Hosking

Bev is a highly skilled trainer, counsellor and clinical supervisor. She has international experience as a Playback Theatre trainer and practitioner.

Vanesa Valentine

Vanesa is a trained nurse, workplace assessor and innovative trainer in a number of business areas.

Judy Broom

Judy is a research scientist who has developed a keen interest in working with people. She has the ability to work with groups in creative ways.

Fiona Boddy

Fiona has developed her abilities as a trainer over many years and runs workshops in organisation and leadership development.

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