The Workshop

How we actually deliver the programme

  • TUF training is delivered in two sessions of 3 ˝ hour each about two weeks apart.
  • In the first session participants are given a variety of models that help them understand and respond to angry and aggressive customers. They are encouraged to talk with others and to practice these in their work before the next session. This gives participants a chance to generate further questions for the second session.
  • Systems Thinking is at the heart of the TUF: Thriving Under Fire programme. Time is spent understanding how all parts of the system contribute to what is happening in any given moment. There is no blame in systems thinking because there are so many causes for any one event. However there is full responsibility. Staff get to understand that what they do also contributes to how the customer reacts to them. They can change the ‘system’ by changing their own behaviour.
  • Participants are given a comprehensive Activity book which they work on during the session and between sessions.
  • At the end of the programme they leave with a TUF: Quick Reminder Guide, a series of cards to prompt them about the key learning points.
  • Certificates are awarded to those who complete the programme
workshop A
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