TUF: Thriving Under Fire

Deal with “Difficult” Customers

Angry and upset customers are a high cost to any business.

You lose sales, as well as losing management time and resources dealing with upsetting situations. There’s higher staff turnover, absenteeism, loss of commitment, low morale and reduced quality of work.

TUF: Thriving Under Fire is a specialised training programme to give staff the understanding, the skills, and the attitudes to deal effectively with customers who are distressed so that staff remain calm and in control of their emotions and the customer gets to be heard.

As a result of TUF:

  • Staff learn to stay engaged with all customers.
  • Staff can appreciate the customer’s distress and respond appropriately.
  • Staff can offer a wider range of solutions to customers.
  • Staff enjoy their work more.
  • Customers have a better experience
  • Staff create good will and a positive brand experience.
  • Staff relate well to internal customers.
“TUF: Thriving Under Fire is an excellent programme for call centre environments”
Call Clive, Centre Manager
“It is a really good programme for dealing with all our patients”
Hilda, Medical Centre Nurse
“We have noticed a real change in the way our front line staff are working”
Jenny, Bank Manager

Contact Details:

TUF: Thriving Under Fire, PO Box 17 220, Wellington 6147

Phone (04) 476 8186

tuf@faisandier.co.nz     www.tuf.net.nz

Angry guy with phone
Angry Ralph  Glenda