Measurable Improvement

Research results from evaluation projects

Research done in 14 programmes in various bank branches show not only a high level of retention of the practices and skills taught in the workshops but that on certain key indicators staff increased their performance levels four weeks after the workshop and then increased further four months after the workshop.

Key indicator questions that staff are asked to self report on which showed improvement were:

  1. I make sure I am getting plenty of exercise outside of work time to cope with stress.
  2. I am comfortable taking time out to let my adrenaline flow return to normal.
  3. I do not offer excuses or blame someone else, but acknowledge mistakes and offer to correct them where possible.
  4. When a customer is angry and upset I respond first by mirroring their feelings back to them and by empathizing with them in some way
  5. I think of the customer's social system and can understand why they might be angry when things donít work out for them.
  6. I take control of my body and calm myself down by deep breathing or some other physical action
  7. When a customer is angry I no longer become defensive of myself and of the bank
  8. I step back from an aggressive situation and tell myself they are not angry at me personally
  9. I no longer worry that the next customer who comes in may be angry and aggressive
  10. I have strategies for controlling my responses to angry and aggressive customers
  11. I believe I am able to deal with angry and aggressive customers

Results from a bank branch for these 11 key indicators:

evaluation results

The median score for all respondents was 3.2 on a 5 point scale at the start of the programme. After four weeks they again reported their personal level on the 5 point scale and the median score was 3.5. At four months you might expect this score to drop off, but in fact participants reported a score of 3.8 which means they were even more comfortable with the new skills and attitudes they learnt in the TUF: Thriving Under Fire programme.

Improvement in these areas leads to decrease in stress leave, down time and staff dissatisfaction and increased efficiency, higher morale and better staff relationships.

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