Vanesa Valentine

TUF: Thriving Under Fire Workshop Facilitator

Vanesa is a trained nurse, workplace assessor and innovative trainer in a number of business areas.

Getting alongside people and inspiring them to gain new skills, is what Vanesa excels at. She brings a large tool kit containing her own life experiences and a diverse range of qualifications. The combination of these things is the foundation of her training style.

Her training work in the Community and Health sector grew out of her background as a nurse and her continued work with addiction and mental health. Nursing nurtured her ability to engage with a wide variety of people, balancing their emotional and practical health needs. It also helped her understand hierarchical and institutional work structures.

Vanesa studied Human Resources and Training at Auckland University. She is qualified to run the NZQA certificate in First Line Management and to mark as an NZQA assessor. She developed the corporate and manufacturing side of her business by proving her ability to transcend many levels of an organization; she excels in creating non-threatening potent learning for First Line Managers and factory staff.

She is committed to her own continued learning ensuring that what she delivers remains cutting edge.

Vanesa’s energy is infectious and enviably she loves her work. Her excitement at seeing people become more than they ever thought they could be, is genuine. She has created lasting results for some of New Zealand’s leading organisations and businesses.

She loves to retreat to her Auckland home that she shares with her partner Andrew beside the estuary. It is here that she confronts the same daily choices the rest of us face – go to the gym or watch the sun set!